The Parties to the Agreement hereby premise the following:

i) The Provider (, is the owner of the Software and Operational Infrastructure which is used for implementing the e-gaming services to the Casino Partner.

ii) The Casino Partner is an entity (project, community, DAO etc) that runs its own crypto business or activities.

iii) The Casino Partner has sought the services of the Provider in delivering support in the use of the Software and Operational Infrastructure via website with URL [insert Casino Platform’s URL] (hereinafter “Casino Platform”) and the Provider has agreed to deliver such Support Services. For the avoidance of doubt, Provider will not be responsible for delivering support for the Casino Partner's own website with URL [insert Casino Partner's own URL];

iv) The Provider assumes the responsibility for providing Operational E-Gaming Infrastructure to the Casino Partner.

v) The Parties have agreed to enter into this Agreement for their mutual benefit and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out. In general, Provider would be responsible for ensuring continuous access and operation to the e-gaming services.

Provider hereby expressly states that it cooperates with Casino Partner only in the capacity of a technical services provider in terms of the Casino Platform establishment, web design, relevant software development and maintenance, and IT support. Provider only guarantees proper maintenance of the Casino Platform.

In no circumstances will Provider have any relationship in any form with any other project that Casino Partner intends to operate via the Casino Partner's own website. Provider will only distribute Revenue Share according to the terms, and will have no involvement in any aspects of the Casino Partner's use of the proceeds from the Revenue Share, such as token issuance, token sale, token promotion and marketing, token buyback, token burning, etc.

Provider, together with its respective officials, directors, employees, members and agents shall, at no time, be responsible for any and all damages, claims, losses, expenses, costs, obligations, liabilities (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees), litigations, or proceedings arising out of the negligence, malpractice, wrongdoing, or intentional dishonest misconduct of the Casino Partner, any subcontractor of the Casino Partner, or any of their respective employees or agents., including but not limited to the following non-exhaustive list of examples regarding the tokens issued and/or listed by the Casino Partner:

Crypto Theft. Tokens are stolen by hackers.

Crypto Scams. 1) Email phishing. A scammer sends unsolicited emails asking for user’s login details, which can be used to steal tokens. Alternatively, they may offer “prizes” or “rewards” in exchange for a token deposit. 2) Investment scam. A scammer posts fake advertisement which links to a website that fraudulently resembles a legitimate crypto investment trading platform, tricking users into transferring their tokens to the bogus platform to trade.

Crypto Rug Pull: A rug pull is a malicious maneuver where crypto developers create a token, list it, pair it with a leading cryptocurrency like Ethereum (as an example), and wait until a significant amount of unsuspecting investors swap their ETH for the listed token, they then withdraw everything from the liquidity pool, drive the coin's price to zero, abandon the project and run away with users’ funds.

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