Community and Frontier Tokens

Token Types

Tokens are categorized as core tokens, community tokens and 'frontier' tokens. You can check the token type next to the your wallet balance in the header.

Core tokens are mainstream tokens such as BTC, ETH, BNB, Matic, FTM and stablecoins.

We also list tokens from other DEFI projects too so more people can try our games with their preferred tokens. These are community tokens and Frontier tokens.

For tokens whose liquidity is sufficient enough to maintain a stable price, they will be categorized as community token.

For tokens whose liquidity is small, price is wild, they will be categorized as 'frontier' tokens. Most meme tokens, which tend to rugs easily, fall in this category.

Price Factor

Core tokens have the maximum price factor, which equals to 1. Community tokens usually have smaller price factors. Frontier tokens have smallest price factor. Price factors only affect the $ value you see in 3rd-party games. To understand more, check Understanding Price Factor

Withdrawal Limits, Bet Limits

Community and frontier tokens will have smaller withdrawal limits and smaller bet limits. Withdrawal limits can be checked by clicking withdrawal button next to a specific token in wallet page.

Delisting Tokens

OwlDAO reserves the right to delist any community and frontier token at any time if there are hazardous situation happens to the token (mostly the token price). For example, if any token rugs, it will get delisted, you might lose all that token amount in your wallet.

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